Back, neck & shoulder pain


Back pain affects nearly 80% of adults during their lives and neck pain about 50% - it is one of the most common reasons for lost work days and a major cause of disability.

The spine is an amazing part of your body. It provides strength, support, protection, and movement. Because your spine is subject to stress and strain every day, it is a frequent site of injury and problems that result from normal wear and tear.

Some people put more wear and tear on their spine than others, such as athletes and people who work at jobs that are physically demanding. But even working at a desk job can put added strain on your spine.

Rarely is it just one structure that's involved but rather a combination of joints, ligaments, discs, nerves or other soft tissues. While tension can contribute, repetitive activities and postures are most often at fault. Prolonged sitting or standing in the same position is often associated with back pain. Traumatic injuries like whiplash or from contact sports and lifting injuries can also cause back pain.

Physiotherapists are musculoskeletal clinicians and are therefore skilled in helping with back pain. Expect an examination to include questions about your condition and general health; watching your movements and then feeling how your back moves.
Treatment may involve moving your back joints with mobilisations or manipulation; soft tissue massage, acupuncture and advice on how to modify your habits to aid your recovery as well as a home exercise programme.

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